Charas Temple Hash Balls


Temple Balls, also recognized as Charas Temple Hash Balls, are a cherished hashish variety cultivated and perfected in Nepal and its neighboring regions over generations. The process involves carefully extracting THC trichomes from the plant material, culminating in an exceptionally potent product. These balls undergo meticulous handcrafting, involving more than 20 hours of manual labor and a week-long curing phase to achieve a smooth, flavorful profile and potent effects. Charas Temple Hash Balls are renowned for their high THC content, typically ranging from 55-80%, and may also feature increased CBD levels.

THC CONTENT 67.00 – 75.00% THC
CBD CONTENT 0.00 – 5.00% CBD
TEXTURE Firm & Sticky

Temple Balls, also known as Charas Temple Hash Balls, represent a time-honored hashish tradition cultivated and perfected in Nepal and its environs across generations. Through a meticulous process, THC trichomes are separated from plant material, yielding a remarkably potent product cherished for its high THC content, typically ranging from 55-80%, and potentially elevated CBD levels.

Each ball is a labor of love, requiring over 20 hours of manual craftsmanship and a week-long curing period to develop its smooth, robust flavor profile and potent effects. Crafted from esteemed local strains like Kerala Gold and Malana Cream, these balls exude an earthy aroma with cedar hints and a creamy undertone.

Available in 15g and 30g sizes, each Temple Ball bears the Tree of Knowledge seal of approval, ensuring a premium and authentic experience for cannabis enthusiasts.


15g, 30g

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  1. DankzRaker.92

    Cool packaging, real great tasting hash right there. Will be back for more on the next round.

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